The Three Must Have Content Types on Instagram to Skyrocket Your Business

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Instagram is quickly evolving into a marketing powerhouse.  Gone are the days when it was little more than pictures of food, kids, and coffee.  As Instagram grows in popularity, it’s time for you to jump on the bandwagon!  In some ways, this is the easiest audience to grow.


Start with the end product

Think of your ideal client.  Unless you know who you are marketing to you are likely to flounder around.  What would your ideal client want to see?  What type of viewership do you want to attract?  What content would compel them to return for more?  These questions should be at the heart of every decision you make.  


What types of content work the best?

There are three types of content that consistently surprise and delight Instagram users:

  • Fantastic Quotes
  • Interesting Stories
  • Social Proofs 

Yes, we get it.  Instagram is all about pictures.  That is no reason to avoid inspiring people with great motivational quotes!  In fact, there is every reason to do so.  You want to draw people toward your content.  We all like to share experiences with people who have similar values. Quotes are a way of quickly telling the world what you value and appreciate.  If it resonates with your audience they will be much more likely to want more from you.

Finding quotes is easier than you might suspect.  Just do a Google search for your topic and add the word ‘quotes’.  For example, if your audience is nurses all you have to do a quick Google search for is nurses quotes.  Here is what we found:


Your next six months worth of quotes for nurses has just been found.  Don’t forget to check out the images section of the search.  Be careful not to post other people’s graphics without permission.  You can, however, use other’s work as inspiration for what you will create.  Improve on what you see!

Also, trust in your creative side. You can come up with a quote, or a “saying” that is authentic and original! People love that! And you can proudly say it is YOUR quote.

You can easily combine your images with inspiring quotes.  If your photoshop skills are not amazing you can use (for example) to quickly generate stunning graphics.  There are a wealth of other apps and programs to help you join images and text.

Most of the quotes you use should be inspirational.  You can also give practical tips, positive sayings, and even testimonials from your clients.  Don’t forget you can also quickly produce compelling easy to digest content in a few words graphs or numbers.  Just be careful to avoid too many words in the graphic.  Clean and simple will get you further than complex and difficult to comprehend.  Try to give your audience an ‘ah-ha’ moment.  When you do your audience and your engagement will grow.  Remember you can reuse great content once it cycles out of the top images.



Out of context photos make up the bulk of what is out there on Instagram.  They are simply random images of a half-eaten plate of food.  Who cares?  The power, humor, drama, and context of the image will greatly enhance the photo.  Was that half-eaten meal shared with someone you won’t see for a long time?  Was that meal shared at the start of a new chapter in a relationship?  Did it remind you of a similar meal that you had in Paris?

People are hungry for the story – the meaning – behind the picture.  Single images can and should tell a story.  A connected series of images can greatly enhance the impact of that story.  Many people on Instagram are missing out on the power of Instagram stories.  As luck would have it there is an app for that! is a free app.  There are others but this will be a good start.  It lets you drag and drop images into the context of a larger story.  Once created, it’s easy to place it on Instagram.  It allows you to use images, text, and video.   

Consider showing the steps you take to do what you do.  People love behind the scenes explanations.  This allows you to draw people in and also show them the extra care you take on a daily basis to do what you do.

Got something new and exciting to share?  Perhaps a new product or a new venture?  Make it a story.  Bring the excitement surrounding the launch into your audiences life.

Social Proof

No man is an island – that goes for women too!  Instead of always focusing on yourself and what you create in your life, try flipping the script. Show your customers and how they love what you do or make.  

This has a couple of unexpected advantages.  First, you can tell your stories from someone else’s perspective.  While you might make ‘widgets’ your customers use them in some ways to greatly benefit their life.  For example, you might make rubber bands.  Little Johnny uses them to shoot at his friends when the teacher isn’t looking.  Sarah uses them to secure the divorce papers she will be delivering to the court in the morning.  Freddy uses them to secure the doctor’s instructions to the bottle of pills he brought home today.

A photo of a rubber band is about as uninspiring as anything could be.  What people do with them has all the colors and flavors of human experience attached to it.  Be sure you tell the story of how you and your company impact the lives you touch.

Give your customer’s the credit they deserve.  When you show your product or service from the perspective of your end user you honor their importance.  When they see their lives reflected in your posts they will share the experience with their friends.  Most people have friends that are like themselves.  When someone shares your content they are growing your channel for you.  The Instagram algorithm notices and appreciates the content that gets shared more frequently.  

Great time to use #’s as well. Tell people if they use a specific #, they will have the chance to have their picture displayed on YOUR Instagram feed. Everyone likes to be part of something. Everyone loves a minute or two of fame! Give it to them, and that will definitely invite others to follow you and do the same.

If you think is impossible to grow an organic audience THAT fast. You are just lacking some faith!

@euediabetes is a channel that I created 2 weeks ago, in the middle of January 2018.  After two weeks it already has 300 followers. If you are reading this post long after it was written go find out how much it has grown.  It is just two weeks old as this blog was written.  You might think that 300 is not a great number, but remember that to go BIG you need to start small! If every 2 weeks this channel grows the same number of followers, then in 2 months they will have a total of 1.2k followers!

Be consistent, be interesting, and believe!

Does that give you any ideas? Does that give you any inspiration?

We hope so 🙂


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