4 simple things to know that will make your business grow in social media

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Not sure how to increase your social media audience?

 It is a challenge to be sure.  Fortunately, there are some tried and true lighthouses to guide you on your journey.

  1. Know your target audience

When Dazzle engages a client our first task is to determine with precision the target audience.  Many business owners have a vague idea but they have never tried to create a vision of that ideal client.  All marketing should focus on an ideal client.  You may have several ‘ideal clients’.  In that case, you may want to segment your list so that you can ensure that each and every piece of content you produce will land right where you want it to.  This is true of paid advertising as well as organic content designed to attract an audience.  

Do not assume you know your audience until you have spent time asking questions about them and their needs.  What gives them pleasure? What fills them with dread?  What is their biggest fear?  What fills them with envy?  What would they see as a success in purchasing your product or service?

If you are unsure how to proceed you can search for terms such as ‘marketing avatar’ or ‘ideal client questions’.  You can also just give us a call, we would love to help guide you through this process.  Almost everyone we help with this exercise comes away with a greater understanding of who they are actually selling to.  It is often different than what the business owner originally thought.  Even if you have your ideal client well in mind, this exercise often shows new opportunities for your business to serve that client.  Just so you are aware, there is no obligation to become a client of Dazzle when we help you through this exercise.

Do not assume you have all the answers.  Do your homework or risk wasting time and money!

  1.  Create a cross-platform strategy

Don’t make the mistake of only using your own personal favorite social media platform.  In almost every case, you can cross-promote content.  Each social media platform reaches a slightly different audience.  You will have to alter your content to fit the requirements of the various social media platform.  It is always easier to edit what you have created than it was to create the original content.

  1. Avoid constant promotion

You should consistently engage your audience.  If all you ever do is say to them “Buy, Buy, Buy!” your audience will soon grow uninterested in what you have to offer.  With every interaction, you should be drawing your audience closer.  Even if they are not ready to buy they should leave their brief encounter with your company in a better place.

Remember, people generally forget the specific words you use.  They will often lose sight of what you are trying to accomplish.  They will rarely forget how you made them feel in experiencing your content.  Leave them in a better place!  That will encourage them to return to engage again.

  1.  “Surprise and delight”

Keep your content fresh and lively.  Even if something works well.  Don’t overuse it to the point of boring your audience.  Mix it up!  If all you do is post a restatement of the last post your audience will notice.  They will lose interest and your hard work will be for naught.  

This is easy to avoid.  Search out what competitors are doing.  You will probably stumble across an idea or two that you could alter and improve upon.  You don’t have to limit your search to just your industry.  The car repair shop might have a marketing strategy that would work for a tailor or a lawyer.  Be open to seeing what others do to inspire you in your next steps.


Unfortunately, the clear specific roadmap to online success just does not exist.  It is a process of trial and error.  You won’t get everything right every time.  Don’t worry about that. Focus instead on consistently promoting and creating compelling content.  

Social media is in constant flux.  What works today might not work in a year, or even a month.  New opportunities and strategies arise and trail off with great frequency.  It would be fantastic if everything stayed stable.  That won’t happen anytime soon.  The good news in that is that if you keep on top of the trends (we can help with that) you can ride the crest of whatever is working well.  As one social media guru said:  “Everything is a test”

Know when the next class is on!

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