Cool ways that will make you create the audience of your dreams (Part 1)

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You can build engagement in social media!  There are a couple of rules you must follow.  

  1. You must focus adding value to your audience
  2. You must post frequently.

It’s not a question of which of the two is most important.  It’s a question of how can you do both.  Your ultimate goal should be to post frequently.  At the same time, your goal should be that every posting should surprise and delight your audience.  Unless you do both you will probably never gain an audience.

If people don’t find it easy to get the value they are quick to move on to something else.  If you have tremendous content but your last post was six months ago you will be forgotten.

Even the mighty oak tree started from an acorn.

Nearly every big channel you can mention started small.  The grew by frequently offering valuable content.  

Don’t make this mistake…

Don’t compare yourself or the size of your channel to others.  Yes, there are people with bigger audiences and a larger sphere of influence.  Face it, your channel will probably never match the size of Ellen or Oprah or The Tanneries.  You will probably never become as recognized in your field as Stephen Hawking or Tony Robbins.  So what?  Do you think you need to be that big to make money online?  There are hundreds of thousands of people that would disagree.  There are two important truths about your ‘ranking’ compared to others.

First, they did not start out as leaders.  

They grew into their leadership roles one audience member at a time.  You can do the same.  Don’t think of the megastar and business powerhouse of Oprah.  Think of the shy, overweight weather girl on a local TV channel that approached her boss with an idea of hosting a talk show.  She was nearly laughed out of the room.  She never let early setbacks prevent her from growing her audience.  She persisted.  She grew her audience one viewer at a time.

Second, you don’t have to be huge to grow your audience.

Are there ten people on this planet that would care about what you say?  Imagine if you only had ten followers.  What if those ten shared with ten others.  What if your content was so great those twenty followers shared with their friends.  Soon your list would grow to one hundred.  As more and more people see your content and see it frequently than will share it with others.  As simple as it sounds that is exactly how channels grow.

Imagine that your channel grew to a thousand people.  They love what you produced and each one was hungry for your next post.  Would your business or idea be pushed forward by one thousand new followers?  

You don’t have to match the biggest names to have a tremendous and positive impact on the world and on your progress.  That still leaves you with our starting problem.

You must provide great content and you need to do it frequently.  So how do you do both?

Climb out of your rut, push past your fears with these X content rich ideas.  They will make it easier to post frequently and always ensure you have great content.’  Here are a few ways you can add value to your next post, to your next 100 posts!

1 Provide an easy win with an expert tip or hack

You are likely not the only expert in your field.  Tap into those that helped you get to where you are today.  Share with your audience your appreciation for something you learned.  Be generous with your praise of the expert!  Share their tip, their insight or their hack to make something easier or more understandable.

Your audience will appreciate the information and if you share your praise with your mentor you just might get a mention or a collaboration with a bigger channel.  This works especially well when you pump up an industry expert that can solve a common problem or overcome a challenge.

Don’t forget the expert could even be YOU!

2 Give a peek behind the curtain

Your audience does not know anything about you – as a person – until you tell them.   You can bring your audience in closer if you explain some part of your process or your backstory.  Why are you passionate about your subject?  How did you overcome a shared obstacle?  What do you do to make your content look or sound the way it does.  What options did you consider and reject?  

People feel special when they are given ‘insider’ knowledge.  When people feel special they are much more likely to stick around.  They are also more likely to share what you have shared.

3  Share powerful and inspirational quotes and images

Sometimes you can say more in a few words than you can in a huge paragraph.  People love inspirational quotes.  People love it when someone says something important or insightful in a few choice words.  The quotes can be yours or someone famous.  Watch how I use both images and quotes to get my message across on my Instagram account.

You don’t have to limit yourself to just your own quotes.  Finding inspirational quotes is very easy.  Just type the word quote before any topic of interest.  For most topics, you will find a wealth of fantastic quotes.  Remember, the shorter the better.   

Just be sure that your quote uplifts, encourages and supports your point of view.  If you don’t know about the author of the quote do a quick Wikipedia quote.  You definitely do not want to quote someone with a past that would be a bad reflection on you and your brand.  A terrible criminal might have said something nice about kittens.  You want to make sure your quotes come from a source that won’t damage your brand.

4 Create an interesting and easy quiz or contest

Who doesn’t love a contest?  Especially one that provides immediate satisfaction.  Las Vegas was built on this principle.  Why else would people flock to a city knowing they will probably leave with less money.  It’s the allure and excitement of the possibility.  Every gambler knows most gamblers lose yet hope springs eternal.

Take the risk out of the equation and you have an instant draw where everyone wins.  Do a search for contest apps to generate some ideas.  There are many great free apps online that can help you.  

It’s just smart to let people do the contest without requiring an email or a first name.  It makes the contest less threatening.  You will gather many more names if you ask for their information in order to go to the final page.  At this point they have invested a little time and brain power.  They want to see how they did.

5 Promote your team

If you have a team you can use a single post to accomplish several tasks at once.  If you don’t have a team you could do this for a mentor that helped get you where you are today.

You can:

  • Brighten your team’s day
  • Humanize your brand to your audience
  • Draw your audience in closer
  • Make your content more relevant


Take a few paragraphs to describe your team in glowing terms.  Frame the discussion in terms that your audience sees as important.  For example you could talk about a sales manager’s strengths and explain a little about your commitment to always dealing with clients honestly.  You could talk about your receptionists hobbies, loves and life experiences.  This can easily and naturally lead into a discussion of why he or she is the perfect person to help your customers.  

6 Share your struggle – offer your solution

You can easily draw an audience toward your point of view by sharing a common struggle.  Tell the story in an emotional way.  Facts are great but emotions move people’s hearts.  Offer your insights then ask your audience for advice.  People love to give advice.  Ask anyone with a mother-in-law!  Your insights might be enough to solve the problem perfectly.  That is great.  You will get more audience interaction if you leave your audience an opening to shine with their wisdom, experience or struggle.

People that add to your channel are much more likely to stay engaged.  They are also much more likely to share with others.  Common solutions and struggles are the basis of most societal interactions.  There is a reason for that.  Leverage that power!

7 Share your struggle – ask for help


This is the same insight as the previous one but from a different angle.  Instead of providing the solution in a nice neat package, offer a partial solution then focus on the part of the problem that is left unsolved.  Others will likely identify with your dilema and rush to your aid.  Be careful to not look so helpless that people are not motivated to connect.  Instead offer some but not all of the wisdom needed to solve the problem.  Let them offer that final step that you need.  When you can get your community to help they will become more engaged.  

Your headline could be:  What advice would you give to someone who…? You could also frame this content with:  “I need to make a decision, you input would really be appreciated…  If you don’t want to make it your problem you could use:  One of my audience had a really great question, Can you help me solve this challenge?

8 Use other blogs or postings as inspiration

Have you ever read a blog post or seen an Instagram that made you wish you had done it?  Take another idea and bring your own unique perspective to it.  My idea for this blog came from another author’s idea.  They gave a few tips on how to create more content.  Even though my idea came from somewhere else, this article is 100% original.  Many of the ideas presented here started on that other blog.  I took them then adapted them to my audience.  Some of the ideas in this blog didn’t start in the other blog.  The author of the original blog might one day read this blog and take some of my ideas then expand on them.  I am completely OK with her doing that.  I wouldn’t like it if my ideas were just stolen.  I would love it if my ideas helped spur someone else’s creativity.

Instead of stealing ideas.  Look other’s work from your own life experiences and perspectives.  You will give a slightly different angle or perhaps take the idea one step further.  You could also simplify someone else’s work and by doing so make it more compelling.

Just be sure you don’t copy others work as your own.  There are powerful search tools that can spot and call out online plagiarism.  You might not get caught right away.  The pain will come after your channel has grown into a huge success.  Someone can still go back to see that you stole content.

Before this post gets too long let me just say that providing content is a challenge.  These suggestions can point you in the right direction.  Guess what?  I have even more suggestions and I will post them in next week’s blog.

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