Cool ways that will make you create the audience of your dreams (Part 2)

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In my last post, I described eight fantastic ways to easily create additional content for your social media posts.  These ideas can be used in many different formats:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • YouTube Videos
  • Blogs or Vlogs
  • Podcasts

Of course, these ideas will morph and adapt to fit the parameters of each platform.  

If you have not read Part One of this two-part series be sure to check it out at Cool ways to create the audience of your dreams (Part 1)

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Here are 8 additional ways to create the audience of your dreams

If you have some that I have not mentioned I would love to learn about them.  Let me know some of the things you have found super easy to help you to create that next wonderful posting.  Put your great ideas in the comments section below.

9. Do a “Collab” with others in your niche

The exact makeup of your audience will be unique to you.  No one else will have every single person on your list in their list.  Others in your niche will also have a unique and probably very different audience.  It’s smart to share audiences so both of you can add to your lists. If the other person has a much larger or smaller list, that’s ok.  You both will want to increase your list by the unique names on each of your lists. Doing a collaboration is a great way to build lists and to increase your influence as an authority in your niche.

You may not want to do this with direct competitors.  If someone does something different than you but still in your niche collabs are a great way to build both of your audiences.  It will also increase your influence and authority within your niche. If someone admires the person you do a collab with that admiration will transfer to you just because of the collab.

For example (you will have other examples specific to your niche): If you are a make handcrafted yard dolls you are not really in competition with a person that sells yarn in their store.   While you are not really competitors you are in the same niche. They have similar but not identical audiences. They can help each other with a collaboration.

You don’t have to share your actual lists – although you could!  You can simply do a joint posting together. Each of you can then post the same content to your own channels.  People on one list – that don’t know about the other person – can subscribe to the other list.

It’s also a great way for you to both to admire and promote your accomplishments.  If you do it about yourself, you might be just bragging. If someone else says something about you then it is a compliment.

10 Link to great and relevant content

No one knows it all.  The best people are often the ones that fully admit they don’t know it all.  They are willing to share with others because others helped them get to the top.  You will be seen as more generous and abundant if you recognize the great work of others.  

You can enhance your own credibility and authority by curating lists of other resources in your niche. Imagine creating a list of the 100 best resources in your niche.  Nearly everyone in your niche would see this as valuable. Consider making this a special PDF that people can keep as a future resource. Be sure you use this as a list building tool.  Require their first name and email to gain access.

Helpful resources are always appreciated.  This will draw fans closer to your content.  

Be sure to let the people you list know that you have placed them on your list.  Just send them a quick note thanking them for their great content. Maybe tell them why you included their content on your list of great resources.  Who knows, it might earn you a shout out or even a collab in their content in the future.

11 Make your content ‘Evergreen’

The term ‘Evergreen’ simply means that there is nothing in the content that prevents it from being enjoyed by someone in a different place or season.  Saying “It’s so snowy and cold…” will make your content seem outdated in July. If you are discussing a technique or process, leave out your comments about the weather, next holiday or election.  

If you talk about hot dogs and 4th of July fireworks you have dated that post to a specific time of the year in a specific country.  That is great if your audience is in America and it is summer. Depending on your niche you may not want to limit yourself and your content.  The post will not seem quite as important when Santa Claus is just around the corner.

Remember the Internet goes worldwide.  Remember your content will stay available for a long time.  Most of your ultimate viewers will do so long after your initial posting date.  

12 Don’t make ALL of your content Evergreen

This might seem like a contradiction to the previous suggestion.  It is not. When your topic centers around some aspect of your niche you should make your content ‘Evergreen’  

That said, It’s ok to occasionally post a topic that is very centered in a time or place.  No one minds an old post about your Christmas memories from your youth. They don’t want to see you dressed in a Santa hat as you explain how to get overcome an obstacle or challenge that has nothing to do with Christmas time.  A post about a Christmas memory humanizes you. Be sure that if your content isn’t ‘Evergreen’ that you had a good reason to localize it to a time and place.

13 Pose a topical and significant question, poll or survey

Facebook has done you a great service without telling you.  They have created an app that helps you to quickly and easily publish polls.  Discuss your point of view as well as potential opposing points of view. At the conclusion of your input and viewpoint give your audience a chance to agree or disagree.  Be sure to also encourage them to post comments. This can be really fun and engaging.

Be creative with your questions, topics, and discussion.  Your goal is to encourage engagement. Questions that ask the viewer to respond about themselves are likely to get higher engagement.  

  • What would you like to see more or less of on my channel?
  • What is your biggest concern or challenge?
  • What most influenced where you are today?
  • What is your favorite related product or service?
  • What one thing would you change if you could?

The list and complexity of the poll questions are nearly limitless.  Here is the link to the Facebook Poll app:  

There are a few other popular survey tools.  They all have different features, advantages and disadvantages.  Compare them to see what works best for you. Many of these services offer either a free trial or a free but less robust version of their product.  Often the free version gives you most if not all of what you need.

A quick search will yield other ways to bring a poll into your content.  Almost every survey platform has both free and more robust paid options. Virtually all of them are easy to implement into your content.

14 Follow up to your question, poll or survey

You went to the work of creating a poll or discussion question.  You can keep the topic alive as you comment on the results or comments from your previous poll.  You may even want to invite the author of a particularly compelling comment to further their point of view on your channel.

Be sure that you follow up with content about what you learned and how that might help your audience.

People always want to see where they fit in with others. Offer the results with a link to a new page.  Before getting to that page require that people opt into your email list. You can use this to help build your email list.

Once they have opted in you can send them notification of your next post.  You could also send them a PDF with the results and perhaps additional valuable content.

15. Don’t be the ‘smartest guy in the room’

The smartest guy in the room – if you don’t know this phrase – describes a person’s self perception not the reality.  This is the guy who can never learn from others. He or she is too busy showing others how much knowledge, skill or experiences.  This is the person that everyone rolls their eyes about.

A better approach is to have the attitude of:  I know a lot but there is always something more to learn.  When you share your struggles or vulnerabilities you make it easier for people to like you and want to approach you.  When they like you they will very likely also think of your brand, product or service in a more positive light.

16. Create a personal post

This is where you can call timeout.  Step outside of your role as a business owner and speak in more human terms.  Tell your audience about a struggle that you have overcome. Perhaps you could explain the life-altering moments that lead to your current situation.  

Make sure that you are seen as ‘the common person’ who struggles.  It’s a delicate balance. On one hand, you don’t want to be the perfect person that never had a problem or a challenge couldn’t be mastered.  On the other hand, don’t let these types of posts descend into a pity party. Keep the conversation honest and motivational.

Remember back to when Steve Jobs walked on stage for the last time.  He was thin and pale and seemed so very approachable. He received a standing ovation just for being alive.  You may never be as big as Apple but you can be seen in the same positive glow

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