7 Dazzling tips to stand out in social media

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You have heard it before:

You can find gold beyond your wildest dreams in social media

The problem is that everyone else has heard it too! Choose a niche and you will probably find a zillion people there ahead of you. Even in a crowded field, there is room for you to wiggle your way to the top! Our job is to help you to find a way to stand out from your competition. Our focus is to get your message out in a way that promotes your success.

The vast majority of your ‘competitors’ will either not stand out or they will burn out within a short time. We help you to consistently ‘play the long game’!

So how do you ‘play the long game’ successfully?

Focus on your content and what your viewer will see, hear, feel and experience. It is that engagement that will make them hungry to return for more. It is critical that you increase your exposure to your clients, of course. That, unfortunately, isn’t the whole picture. It’s less about the size of your reach and more about the engagement of your audience.

While it can be tempting to focus on your views, engagement or your subscribers, that is missing a critical element. There is a truth that is essential to your success. No one makes money because they have millions of followers. They make money because the followers they do have (no matter how big or small) are consistently fed content that draws them back.

Trust that if you consistently create great content over time it will get noticed

Every person, company, brand or idea with a massive following has one thing in common. They consistently give great content. This content must be fresh and engaging and perhaps most importantly it must be consistently renewed and refreshed. The search algorithms watch for and promote channels that have frequent new content. Your audience will quickly drop away if they see nothing new, interesting or valuable to them. If you are not engaging them, someone else will.

So how do you stand out from the crowd?

1. Offer content that your audience wants

In your planning process, your focus should be on what your audience wants and needs in order to engage with you. Think about what motivates your audience. What are their biggest fears, dreams, and motivations? Address those needs and you will be noticed.

2. Smiles, Smiles, Smiles (Use engaging photos and videos)

Social media is highly visual. This is especially true for Instagram and Pinterest. It is also true for Facebook and Linkedin. Be sure whenever possible to use charismatic photos to drive your message home. Yes, you can use stock photos but they should be your second choice. Stock and especially perfect stock photos are seen as less genuine and trustworthy.

Check out your own dentist’s website. If he or she uses photos of perfect models with perfect smiles, it’s difficult to relate to them. If on the other hand, your dentist uses people that look like the people you might walk past on the street, you are much more likely to believe they are the product of that dentist actual work. Organic, original photos will get a stronger and more positive reaction. Take a quick look at my own Instagram account: @euediabetes

I started this channel in February to prove that using only organic traffic is possible to build a big following. In 2 months I have over 700 followers. The number grows almost every day.

Want to see a part of my strategy? Hover over a few of the entries. Quickly you will notice something interesting. The photos with my face and especially with a big smile all have much higher engagement and likes. This isn’t unique to me. Don’t think is my company B2B (Business to business) or B2C (Business to consumer). Instead, trust that your business is H2H (Human to human)! Even if you sell a business product to huge corporations, there will be a human at that huge company that will be making the decisions. It is something to know before you start to post photos or videos on your own sites.

3. Tell an engaging story

Almost everyone knows the story of Apple computers starting in Steve Job’s garage. That ‘David vs Goliath’ story is a large part of what made Apple much more compelling than IBM or Microsoft. Many people have warm feelings toward Apple and it’s early days. Almost no one has similar warm feelings toward IBM. People love to root for the underdog. You can use that to your advantage.

Why not share your struggles? Be sure you do it in a positive way, don’t sound like you are just whining about how hard life is. Instead, tell a story of overcoming obstacles and challenges. Then focus your challenges on the challenges that you can help your clients overcome. When you do this your clients see you as an ally, not an adversary. Help them to overcome a huge challenge by showing them how you have walked their path. Show them that you can help them walk in their path. Quickly blend that narrative into a story of how your offerings can similarly improve the life of your customers or clients.

4. Use consistent branding

People only know what you tell and what you show them. Be sure that whatever they see remains consistent no matter where they see it. Carefully consider what lasting impression you want your customers to have. What few keywords do you want to come to mind when your customers tell their friends or contacts about you. Once you are clear on the message you want to send with your branding, be sure everything you expose to the world meets that standard.

5. Quickly establish that you are the authority

Have you ever heard little old ladies talk about their health? Invariably they will talk about a surgeon or physician. Have you ever heard someone say: My doctor was 23rd in her medical class!” Have you ever heard someone say: “My doctor is the eighth best surgeon in the area.” Of course not! You often hear them brag that their doctor was the number one doctor in their field. How do they know that? Well, the truth is they don’t know it. But they do feel that it is true because it makes them feel special.

No one wants to go to the third best mechanic in town. Everyone wants to be able to say that their mechanic is the ‘go to’ expert. Be sure that you position yourself as the very best company in your area. Social proof, that is, testimonials from happy customers is without a doubt the quickest way to establish yourself as an authority.

Think of the things that make you and your company special. Is it that you have been in business for decades? Is it that you care more than the next guy? Is it your pricing or your guarantee. Whatever it is, identify it and then make sure every potential client sees what you see!

6. Be consistent and engaging

Social media algorithms are watching! They see how frequently you post. You are given a higher ranking if you consistently put new and valuable content on your channel. If your audience engages with you through links on other blog sites or on likes will enhance your position. This will, in turn, get you more viewers and a higher ranking.

It can be discouraging, especially in the beginning, but have faith that if you consistently provide valuable interesting content the algorithms will soon enough start to supply more and more views. It’s a long game you are playing. Don’t expect the world to beat a path to your door instantly. Just focus on the content, not on the numbers of views. Great content, consistently uploaded will land you even more views.

7. Surprise and delight

Make it fun, interesting and engaging. Never be afraid to show your passion. This is especially true at the beginning of a video. “Hi, I am so excited to be here today to talk about X” is much more compelling than a dry professor. When you show your excitement or your fears at the start of a video. Let your audience see that you are humble about your success.

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